Our People
Tanida Birkholz

Tanida Birkholz is one of Primera’s leading information technology management experts known for navigating change and adversity with ease. She believes that “Change is a natural progression and part of life. Without it, whether self imposed or not, we never truly realize our strength and potential.” Her expertise is the result of more than 15 years of project management and delivery, strategic planning, training, and client service experience in the utilities, corporate, and higher education markets. Tanida’s ability to embrace, prepare, and support changes to processes, systems and technology has allowed her to play a key role in ensuring our consulting clients meet their goals.

Tanida earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from DePaul University before jumping into the project management world in the retail, consumer packaged goods, government, and telecommunications industries. Most of her professional career includes managing information technology projects with a focus on governance and project management methodologies. Throughout her career, she has had the good fortune of being able to experience different cultures and work styles by living and working abroad in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Thailand. These experiences helped her develop her organizational and time management skills, while allowing her to interact and collaborate with a wide range of people.

Her charisma and natural ability to relate to everyone has made it easier for Tanida and her family to travel. Her family is fluent in multiple languages and they particularly enjoy visiting Northern Thailand to deliver medical supplies. Several members of her extended family are current or retired medical professionals, so their trips also involve setting up free clinics in the village. When not working or traveling, Tanida also enjoys film and digital photography, and has even shared some of her images with small companies.