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Introducing the Primera Foundation: We’re Inspiring the Next Generation of STEM Leaders
Introducing the Primera Foundation: We’re Inspiring the Next Generation of STEM Leaders

For more than 30 years, Primera Engineers has worked to improve lives. We’ve done so through sustainable building design, improving our transportation systems and providing enhanced reliability of electrical power systems. But we’ve also done it by making a difference in our communities. In late 2018, we took this commitment one step further and officially established a new not-for-profit – Primera Foundation.

The Primera Foundation is an independent charitable organization and is the next chapter in our mission to advance careers in STEM and inspire the next generation of engineers. With a belief that all students should be given the opportunity to impact our world through science, technology, engineering, and math, the Primera Foundation’s impact is focused in four key areas: scholarships, technology, education, and mentorship. Our goal is to expose students who would otherwise have limited access to STEM and provide them opportunities to explore STEM-related concepts in the hope that we plant a seed that will grow into a passion to pursue careers in STEM fields.

We have spent all of 2019 making a positive difference before officially announcing the Primera Foundation to the public. Take a look at what we’ve been up to:

  • In May, the Primera Foundation partnered with the Chicago Engineers Foundation (CEF) and committed to donating $20,000 over the course of the next four years toward engineering scholarships. CEF’s focus is to empower and encourage young people to become the next generation of engineers through scholarships, outreach to educational institutions, and promoting engineering careers.
  • In early June, we officially kicked off our first giveback event and partnered with Youth Crossroads in Berwyn, Illinois to help them add the finishing touches to their permanent home and community center. Supporting the children and parents of the community, the center is now a place where members can benefit from positive activities, community resources, and counseling.
  • In late June, the Primera Foundation awarded its first scholarship at the CEF Incentive Award Celebration at the Union League Club of Chicago. 32 high school graduates and 62 college students received scholarships to support their engineering education.

Today, the Primera Foundation continues to work toward bringing STEM to all. We invite you to join in their mission by staying up to date with upcoming events and opportunities to get involved in the work they’re doing. Sign up for updates here.

Introducing the Primera Foundation: We’re Inspiring the Next Generation of STEM Leaders

Primera Engineers is excited to formally launch the new Primera Foundation website. We encourage you to check it out and visit often to learn more about upcoming events and the positive changes the Foundation is making. Follow them on LinkedIn, Instagram and/or Facebook too.