• Thought Leadership
Thought Leadership

A Penny for Your Thoughts… Better Yet, How About $250?

Primera Marketing is looking for volunteers to help create content that showcases Primera as thought leaders in our industry. A thought leader is someone who has innovative ideas that can help identify new opportunities or solve problems for growth.  If selected as a thought leadership author, you will help Primera build trust in our expertise, while contributing to the advancement of the industry and your profession - not to mention earning $250! At the end of the year, the article with the most unique visitors on our website will earn an additional $500. All employees are eligible, including interns. Interested in submitting an application for consideration? See details below:

Abstract Submission Application

Your abstract can be submitted using the button at the bottom of the page and must include the following:

  • Article Title
  • Article Description [Provide a 100-200 word description of your article that describes the content you will create, be concise about the significance of the content and how clients can apply it to their work]
  • Learning Objectives [List one to four key takeaways that clients will gain from reading your article]

Evaluation Process

The Marketing team will evaluate each submission based on the following criteria:

  • Focus: the topic of the article is clearly stated and provides value to clients and/or an opinion on the subject matter
  • Quality: the information in the submission is clearly written, does not sound like a Primera sales pitch, and  is not overly technical
  • Application to the Industry: the information is relevant to Primera’s work and capabilities and provides specific examples or results

Article Scope

Our goal is to share pertinent and timely topics to help clients and potential clients solve the challenges and issues of our built environment. Relevant content can include:

  • Solving a client problem
  • New products, trends or technologies and their benefit to the client
  • New regulatory, legislative, or code issues and impacts to the client
  • Lessons learned
  • “How to…” or “How not to…”
  • "The 8 Most..." or "The Top 5..."

Article Guidelines

If selected, you will have at least 5 weeks* to complete a draft of your article. Your article should:

  • Use clear and simple language, but don’t worry if you are not the best writer, the Marketing team is here to help. The content is what is important.
  • Provide numbers/statistics if applicable
  • Use images or graphics if applicable
  • Provide results or implications
  • Be 750 – 1500 words in length (longer white papers are also acceptable)

Once published, you will receive a $250 bonus in the form of a Visa gift card. At the end of the year, the article with the most unique visits will be awarded an additional $500 bonus in the form of a Visa gift card. We encourage you to share the article with everyone you know.

*Drafts delayed past an agreed upon deadline date are subject to a decrease in the reward money at the discretion of the Marketing team.

Submit your abstract today!
  • Please include a few sentences.
  • List 1-4 key takeaways you intend to leave your audience with.