Our Work
  • Rehabilitation of Various Structures
  • Rehabilitation of Various Structures
Rehabilitation of Various Structures

Primera provided professional engineering services to develop Contract Plans and Specifications and Construction Cost Estimates for the proposed bridge rehabilitations at multiple locations throughout Illinois Department of Transportation’s (IDOT) District 1.

The scope of work typically included the removal of existing hot-mix asphalt overlay, full and partial depth deck patching, bridge deck hydro-scarification, elimination of longitudinal joint, cleaning deck drains, replacement of bearings under expansion joints, installation of latex concrete overlay, approach patching and overlay, structural repairs of concrete parapets and substructures, as well as roadway and drainage improvements.

The locations of these projects included:

  • FAU 1548 / 79th Street over B & OCT & IHB Railroad, SN 016-0519
  • FAP353 / US 30 over Tributary A of Thorn Creek, SN 016-2503
  • FAP 353/ US 30 (Lincoln Hwy) over Butterfield Creek, SN 016-0286
  • FAP 376 / US 14 (Caldwell Ave) over N. Br. Chicago River, SN 016-0928
  • FAI 94 / I-94 (Edens Expressway) at Forest Preserve SN 016-2039
  • FAP 311 / US 34 (Ogden Ave) over East Branch DuPage River, SN 022-0148
  • FAP 335 / IL 60 (Kennedy Rd) over M. F. N. Br. Chicago River SN 049-0037
  • Illinois 83 over McDonald Creek, SN 016-0558
  • Dan Ryan Expressway Pump Station Parking Slab on Structure, SN 016-1308
  • IL 176 over E. Skokie Ditch, SN 049-0238
  • IL 126 over Lily Cache Creek, SN 099-0262
  • I-55 E. Front. Rd over I&M Canal, SN 099-0035
  • IL 53 over St. Joseph’s Creek, SN 022-3054
  • Palatine Road at Salt Creek, SN 016-2860