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Primera Employee Gives Back Through Engineers Without Borders
Primera Employee Gives Back Through Engineers Without Borders

Primera is dedicated to improving lives, not only through our dynamic design and superior service, but by making a positive impact on society and our environment. Throughout our 37-year history we have engaged in eco-friendly practices, supported countless organizations through donations, and encouraged our employees to volunteer their time to causes near to them by using volunteer-time-off time. Our employees are good at playing their part in society and contributing to a better world. One recent example involves structural engineer, Kevin Anderson, who truly embodies our community leadership efforts through his involvement and dedication to Engineers Without Borders (EWB).

Engineers Without Borders is a network of volunteers that partners with underserved communities internationally to build a more sustainable world. These partnerships are meant to address essential needs with climate conscious infrastructure while cultivating engineering and leadership skills. Kevin was first introduced to EWB while studying at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He first discovered his passion for using his technical skills while traveling to Ntisaw, Cameroon, where he was able to build a gravity fed water system and improve latrines for the local community.

Since his first project site in Cameroon, Kevin has continued the EWB mission and has contributed to several projects around the globe. For example, Kevin worked with the Chicagoland Professional Chapter of EWB on the Wema Children’s Center in Kenya. As the lead structural engineer for this project, Kevin and his team spent several years designing and building a water tower, two bathrooms, and a solar carpark for the school, as well as installing improved water pumps and filters. Currently, Kevin serves as a project lead for the Dumangbe Bridge project with the Washington, DC Professional Chapter of EWB. In addition to exercising his technical expertise, he organizes volunteers, helps with fundraising, and spearheads the design efforts of the project.

“I love applying my engineering knowledge in a way that directly improves the lives of people around the world,” says Kevin. “Good infrastructure has a huge impact on a community’s well-being, and our goal as engineers should be to work on projects that benefit people,” he continues.

Kevin attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he earned his bachelor’s degree in general engineering and his master’s degree in civil engineering. As one of Primera’s licensed structural engineers, Kevin designs transportation and infrastructure projects including roadways, bridges and railways. If you’re interested in volunteering or learning more about EWB visit www.ewb-usa.org/volunteer.

Primera Employee Gives Back Through Engineers Without Borders

Kevin (pictured above on the left) was first introduced to EWB as a college student. He was involved in a water and sanitation improvement project in Cameroon, where he and his team designed and built new water systems and latrines for the local community.