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Primera Enhances Information Security System with ISO 27001 Certification
Primera Enhances Information Security System with ISO 27001 Certification

In our endless pursuit to provide exceptional expertise with superb service, Primera Engineers is pleased to announce that our Information Security Management System (ISMS) earned ISO 27001:2022 certification. Implementing ISO 27001 best practices not only protects critical data, but it also demonstrates our dedication to integrity and high-quality standards for our clients.

The ISO 27001 is a set of internationally recognized guidelines meant to secure information systems, processes, and technology. The certification uses three pillars to strengthen Information Security Management Systems, including confidentiality, integrity, and availability. By following these guidelines, businesses can protect data from unauthorized users, verify its accuracy, and prevent invalid manipulation.

Our Director of Operations, Nick Sternowski, and our Sr. Director of IT, Omar Torres, led the charge in helping our firm transition our internal processes to implement the extensive standards and guidelines properly. In order to receive the ISO 27001:2022 certification, Primera upgraded several aspects of our ISMS. These upgrades included 28 new policies to govern IT operations, improved IT infrastructure to best defend against data breaches, and preparation of disaster recovery processes. Primera also underwent a rigorous 3-part inspection and certification process conducted by an outside audit firm. In addition to enhancing security procedures, Primera intensified the company-wide focus on information security by integrating employees in the certification process. Several Primera employees were trained and certified to maintain and audit the ISMS. Practices were implemented to safeguard not only Primera’s clients and partners, but its employees too.

The ISO 27001 certification aids Primera in avoiding threats of costly security breaches and improves our cyber resilience. Clients and employees can have full confidence in the security, integrity, and credibility of Primera’s data and ISMS.

Congrats to our IT and Operations teams on this critical achievement.

Primera Enhances Information Security System with ISO 27001 Certification

Primera enhanced our ISMS to meet the ISO 27001 guidelines. Through new policies, IT infrastructure, and security measures, Our Operations and IT teams were able to earn the ISO 27001 certification, proving Primera’s dedication to safe and accurate data.