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Primera’s Best Performing Technical Articles – 10 Must-Read Pieces
Primera’s Best Performing Technical Articles – 10 Must-Read Pieces

As we make our way into the New Year, we would like to reflect back on some of our most popular topics and best answers to your biggest technical questions from our experts. Our expertise is our craft and comes from the passion our engineers possess on their endless journeys of learning and growth. With connection being at the core of everything we do, we like to keep our website consistently up to date with thoughtful research and interesting insights that we think our clients will appreciate.

To celebrate the start of a new decade, we would like to showcase Primera’s most read technical articles by our community over the years. Below are the top 10 most read and shared insights from our website.


  1. Insight Into The City Of Chicago’s Permitting Methods – Revisited


  1. Designing For Industry: Challenges And Opportunities For Structural Engineers


  1. 8 Challenges Facing The Utilities Industry


  1. Smart Substations: Technological Advances In Substation Protection And Controls


  1. Global Positioning System Usage In Road Construction


  1. Designing Efficient Plumbing System Layouts


  1. The Evolution Of The Modern Substation


  1. To Filter Or Not To Filter: An Engineer’s Perspective On The Application Of Chilled Beams In Healthcare Environments


  1. Building Better Roadways Through Stormwater And Pavement Design Integration


  1. Net Zero Energy Buildings: The Future Of Building Design?
Primera’s Best Performing Technical Articles – 10 Must-Read Pieces

Over the years Primera has taken every opportunity to innovate, take risks and create change. We pride ourselves on our expertise and work to address our clients' issues at every turn. We hope you enjoy our most-read insights and check back often in 2020 and beyond.