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Primera is:
Utility solutions that are vital to energizing the future.

Whether through electricity, natural gas, or renewables, Primera has been powering critical infrastructure for more than 10 years.

Our Utilities division provides full-service electrical, civil, and structural engineering services to support electric utilities, wind farms, renewables, transmissions systems, as well as generating, university and industrial facilities. Our team of experts understands the challenges of upgrading and expanding an aging infrastructure to support new and increasing demand for power. Our ability to respond quickly with innovative, budget-sensitive solutions is the key to maintaining the level of service clients have come to expect.

Utility companies are faced with meeting regulations that require them to provide reliable power delivery that is safe, secure, and dependable. It is essential that Smart Grid technologies be implemented to support this increased focus on reliability. Primera has the expertise to do just that.

We provide comprehensive services on turnkey projects at both greenfield and brownfield sites. From Smart Grid technologies to protection and control engineering to HV and EHV physical design, we understand that each project is different, so our engineering and project management services can be customized according to a project’s specialized needs. Engineering and consulting services range from specialty design with a limited scope, to full design that includes construction documents and field observation.

Each project is tailored to represent the client and reflect our commitment to innovation, excellence, and creativity. Our engineers are sensitive to budgets and highly trained to provide clients with solutions that exceed expectations.

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