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Highland Park Lighting Services

Primera has assisted the City of Highland Park with several lighting projects over the past two years ranging from helping them assess their current building and street lighting codes to providing full lighting design and electrical engineering services in the Hiawatha neighborhood to a LED retrofit street lighting project for the Fort Sheridan neighborhood.

The code consulting project consisted of reviewing and revising current city codes for dark sky and bird friendly considerations while also bringing them up to date with current technologies and standards. The Hiawatha neighborhood lighting project consisted of providing new LED lighting design and electrical engineering for street lighting in a 40-home, 3-street neighborhood. The Fort Sheridan LED Retrofit project consisted of retrofitting around 80 existing HID fixtures to utilize LED technology. Primera assisted the city on procuring incentive funding for the project and selecting the best retrofit kits for their needs.

All three projects involved public meetings, with the Hiawatha and Fort Sheridan projects involving resident specific public meetings to answer questions and gather public feedback.