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  • WIU Quad Cities Riverfront Campus
  • WIU Quad Cities Riverfront Campus
WIU Quad Cities Riverfront Campus

This two-story building located in Moline, Illinois overlooks the Mississippi River and is one of the buildings that make up Western Illinois University’s new Quad Cities Riverfront Campus. The building was completely gutted, including all exterior walls and windows, and a new circular structure was built to join the remaining building to create a grand view of the riverfront for students and faculty.

Primera was selected to be the Commissioning Authority on this project. Primera reviewed the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) and Basis of Design Documents, prepared the commissioning specifications, and completed the necessary design reviews required for LEED certification. The systems commissioned included all HVAC and controls, building envelope, lighting controls, energy recovery systems, UPS and fire alarm system. Primera prepared and verified all pre-functional checklists, implemented functional performance testing, witnessed and documented staff training, observed portions of the test and balance process and compiled the final commissioning report.

Primera also returned to the site months after the project was completed to make recommendations for additional operational and energy saving improvements.