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Primera Presents at the Illinois Public Airport Association Fall Conference
Primera Presents at the Illinois Public Airport Association Fall Conference

Last month, Primera attended the Illinois Public Airport Association’s (IPAA) 2023 Fall Conference. The conference was held in Galena, IL and consisted of an exhibitor breakfast, board meeting, an array of informative guest speakers, and of course the group favorite – the IPAA Golf Classic! Primera was on hand at the annual event and networked with other industry professionals while gaining a broader understanding of aviation accomplishments in the state of Illinois.

Senior Vice President and Transportation Division Manager, Stacie Dovalovsky, and Consulting Department Manager – Midwest, Melissa Helphingstine, had the honor of presenting at this year’s event on the topic of electric aviation. Their session, titled “Readiness for Electric Aviation,” provided an overview on how electric aviation has been progressing recently and provided tips on how airport operators can prepare for the electrification of the aviation industry. Addressing topics like electric aircrafts, charging solutions, and battery storage, Stacie and Melissa encouraged aviation professionals to build a plan early on for utilizing this evolving technology.

“It’s clear that we are quickly headed toward electric aviation,” says Stacie. “It’s critical that we look at how electric vehicles have impacted the industry and translate that to the aviation environment. This way, aviation experts are fully prepared when the transition to electric infrastructure at airport facilities begins.”

If you are interested in learning more about electric aviation please contact Stacie Dovalovsky at sdovalovsky@primeraeng.com.

IPAA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the development, construction, maintenance, and improvement of publicly owned airports throughout the aviation system in the State of Illinois. The IPAA holds general meetings that are open to all people and firms interested in public aviation where information regarding airports, aviation systems, and aeronautical activities throughout the State of Illinois and the United States is shared. You can learn more about them at www.illinoispublicairports.com.

Primera Presents at the Illinois Public Airport Association Fall Conference

Primera partner and client, Lewis Airport/Joliet Regional Port District, was named the 2023 Illinois Department of Transportation's Reliever Airport of the Year at the IPAA Conference. One of our aviation project managers, Ron Hudson (pictured above on the right), accepted the award on behalf of the airport. Ron has been working with Lewis Airport since 1985!