Our People
Melissa Helphingstine

Melissa Helphingstine is Primera’s PMO reporting expert with a passion for building relationships with her clients. “As soon as we’re able to truly understand our clients, that’s when we’re able to provide them with the tools and packaged solutions that address their most-pressing issues,” she explains. Melissa’s ability to provide our clients with tailored solutions is the result of more than 10 years of program management experience, including energy program design and bench-marking, portfolio balancing and optimization, reporting, environmental policy, sustainable solutions, contract procurement and negotiations; regulatory compliance, and quality assurance and control.

Melissa studied landscape architecture at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign before earning a masters degree in environmental policy at the University of Illinois at Springfield while working for the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. It was there that she started to hone her consulting skill set while focusing on energy efficiency and sustainability issues. She left the IEPA in 2005 to pursue a successful program management career. Since joining Primera in 2014, she’s been instrumental in implementing and managing a Project Management Office (PMO) effort in support of a five-year, $1-billion annual spend for a local utility. Her oversight and ability to manage detailed reporting practices helps our clients ensure the entire portfolio meets its goals and metrics.

When she’s not managing billion-dollar programs, Melissa enjoys all types of music (she’s a classical pianist), hiking, biking, reading and is a self-proclaimed Play-doh artist. “I can create a near perfect replica Minion and have a knack for food sculptures,” she boasts. Her volunteer efforts include helping new moms through an online support community and sitting on the host committee for Energetic Women 2017.