Our People
Brad Davis

Brad Davis is Primera’s leading geospatial project manager devoted to creating efficiency by developing and sustaining new processes. He is a certified Geographic Information Business Systems Professional and an ArcGIS Suite expert who is impassioned by geography and process creation. According to Brad, “process creation is very satisfying as it helps the efficiency of a project. By stripping away unnecessary elements and keeping the core of the work, more work can be done with less effort.” With nearly 15 years of experience, Brad’s expertise includes on-site consulting acquiring, creating, and managing GIS data; interfacing with public and private stakeholders; and representing the agencies at events, roundtables, and meetings.

Brad holds a masters degree in predictive analytics from Northwestern University and attended the University of Maryland for his undergrad, where he earned bachelors degrees in both geography and economics. He has served as an expert liaison between a GPS software developer and the energy utility and as the analyst team lead on multiple projects. Brad’s additional experience includes co-leading change management projects involving analysts, field crews, process experts, and engineers. He also has seven years of software development project management experience. However, his true passion lies in reducing damage and potential injuries on large-scale projects by properly mapping assets.

In his free time, Brad is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking, scrambling, rafting, and occasional fishing. Recently, he’s taken up doing more DIY projects and also makes time for philanthropic efforts benefitting local children’s hospitals and cancer centers.