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  • Program and Change Management Services
Program and Change Management Services

Primera’s consulting team was tasked with identifying and base-lining tasks, resources, schedule, and cost associated with meeting program objectives for a gas utility’s departments and initiatives. The projects associated with this effort fall into two categories: 1) Gas Engineering and Asset Performance; and 2) Gas Construction and Maintenance.

The gas engineering and asset performance projects included: assisting with specific missions dedicated to implementing tools and processes related to improved accuracy while supporting the refinement of work functions for efficiency (regulatory commitment); change management for alignment of classifications used within the utility industry; aligning asset categories, and tracking and prioritizing improved management of assets and workflow amongst multiple organizations.

The gas construction and maintenance projects included: providing program and change management to achieve standards and gain operator qualifications related to the industry; and implementing best practices for methods across multiple utilities by way of a rigorous review process that identified the practice and criteria for implementation. The initiative included identifying and executing change management requirements to successfully implement all recommendations for the client.