Our People
Scott Baron, PE, CPD

Scott Baron is Primera’s leading plumbing expert who is passionate about “finding simple and elegant methods to convey the information needed to build a building.” As a registered professional engineer with experience in the engineering, design, and specification of plumbing systems and equipment, his work has included plumbing applications for new construction and renovation projects, including educational facilities, hospitals, zoos, municipal buildings, and park areas.

Scott studied mechanical engineering at Northern Illinois University where he earned his bachelor’s degree before starting his career at Primera Engineers. His previous experiences with HVAC and plumbing design for commercial and residential multi-family projects have allowed him to approach design plumbing in a more holistic manner. He is also a certified Plumbing Designer from the American Society of Plumbing Engineers and a certified ASSE 6005 Medical Gas Specialist.

Scott’s motivation and drive to succeed are not only limited to when he’s designing plumbing systems – he spends his free time doing a wide variety of activities ranging from reading to mountain biking to rebuilding engines. However, most impressive of them all is one of his personal long-term projects and goals of supplying his own food, water, and energy from his own property, “I have a lot to accomplish towards that goal, but setting the bar high keeps me motivated!” he says.