Our People
John Fehlberg, PE

John Fehlberg is one of Primera’s leading site civil experts focused on satisfying our clients every chance he gets. With over 20 years of experience in civil engineering design, analysis, and inspection, John possesses a passion for projects that help people in even the simplest ways. “Most of the time, if we do our job right, no one notices, but that doesn’t lessen the pride,” he explains. “I find it rewarding that the minor details we work out can help people in their everyday lives.” Even after all his years as a professional engineer he is always fascinated to learn and witness how a built system, such as an urban environment, grows and evolves.

John studied Civil Engineering at Valparaiso University. He spent the early part of his career focused on civil, water resources, geotechnical, and shoreline consulting for clients in the utility and mining industries. Since then, John has had the opportunity to gain experiences in analysis, design, and preparation of civil contract documents for a wide variety of projects ranging from tunnels and underground structures to stormwater management. When it comes down to it, John’s passion for engineering and Primera lie in the idea of benefitting others and society, “whether it’s an accessible ramp that enhances someone’s mobility, a pathway or road that drains a well and allows safe passage, or an electrical substation that is resilient to a storm – all of these are an essential benefit to someone,” he continues.

When he’s not spending late nights at the office, John enjoys spending time with his nieces and nephews, doing anything related to ice hockey, traveling, and exploring Chicago.