Our People
Andrew Wahrer

Andrew Wahrer is one of Primera’s leading business analysis experts passionate about supporting the development and continuous improvement of Primera’s business and data analytics work. As a key member of our Consulting team, he enjoys learning about new technology and implementing techniques at the forefront of industry capability. As he explains, “New technology creates new opportunities. I am always on the lookout for new ways to bring people and data closer together.” Andrew’s expertise is the result of over 10 years of experience improving work practices, providing executive level reporting, benchmarking billion-dollar investment portfolios, and increasing productivity through analytical insights in a wide variety of environments. He specializes in the utility, engineering, and marketing industries.

Andrew earned a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from Northern Illinois University. Since graduating, his primary focus areas include data governance, automating processes, technology benchmarking, program cost-benefit analysis, and app development. Through deep analysis and increasing data visibility, he can implement creative solutions that exceed client expectations and result in lasting success.

Outside of work, Andrew enjoys spending time outdoors with his family and dog, traveling to remote places, and hiking. He likes to design and build things and is passionate about protecting our national parks.