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  • DFW Terminal C Garages and Roadways
DFW Terminal C Garages and Roadways

In 2021, the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) selected the HOK Design and Design Management On-Call team for a $100+ million garages and roadways improvement project at Terminal C. American Airlines uses Terminal C exclusively at DFW for its domestic gates.

Primera is the lead civil engineer for the team, managing all civil engineering improvements on the project. Primera’s scope of work includes the maintenance of traffic and construction phasing of all civil work, design of the resurfaced upper-level roadway, and replacement of the lower-level roadway—which consists of half a mile of terminal curb front. Primera’s responsibilities also include the design of a new two-bay loading dock, full replacement of the underlying sanitary sewer and water main and partial replacement of storm sewer throughout the Terminal C landside roadway network, roadway lighting and electrical utility services to all three garages including the design of two transformer/switchgear yards, and updates to terminal curb-front access for ADA compliance on both the upper and lower-level roadways.

Primera recognized from the beginning of the project that the site for this complex, multi-phase project is the first and last experience for airport users and directly impacts these travelers and customers. It is Primera’s goal to make the impact to the site as smooth as possible considering the extent of work needed for the curb-front roadways. Another goal includes extensive and inclusive conversations with the airport and users of the curb front to understand their needs, while planning all phasing and maintenance of traffic for the project, which is projected to have a construction duration of 5 years.