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  • Bright Stalk Wind Farm
Bright Stalk Wind Farm

This project consisted of cutting into an existing 345kV line to facilitate the construction of a new substation. Primera’s responsibilities included PLS-CADD modeling, structure design, and foundation design. Primera worked closely without the owner and the third-party substation owner to develop a layout and route for the line to loop in and out. Structures were spotted as required to avoid oil containment as well as driveways.

The existing PLS-CADD model had to be split into two new models and updated to account for the substation location in the middle of the line. New plan and profile sheets were created to show that the line was split into two lines with new line designations and source & load points. To utilize the existing right-of-way (ROW) as much as possible, Primera worked closely with the substation dead-end designers to design structures that would allow for optimized horizontal phase spacing.