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  • Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act Projects
Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act Projects

The Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act (EIMA) was passed by the Illinois Legislature in October of 2011, setting in motion a $2.6 billion investment to strengthen and modernize the state’s electric grid. As part of this Act, electrical distribution lines throughout northern Illinois have been targeted to improve reliability and intelligence.

These types of projects include distribution automation, storm hardening and mainline cable replacement projects. Distribution automation work has included the design of installation of equipment that enables real-time adjustment to changing loads and failure conditions without operator intervention and relaying of real-time field data, plus the required adjustments and replacements to the existing distribution poles, cable and equipment. Storm hardening work includes the design of spacer cable replacements, reconductoring, overhead to undergrounds conversion of lines, closing of loops, and equipment adjustments to improve the performance of the system during storm conditions.  Mainline cable replacements includes the replacement of the terminations and the first section of cable from the circuit breaker to the first manhole of feeders identified as having a high risk of faults.

Primera provided the electrical engineering and the civil engineering for the work described above, as well as permitting, material ordering, CAD drawings and GIS mapping required to enable the construction of each project. During the construction phase, Primera provides support to ensure the construction of the project is successful. Following construction, Primera enters the as-built condition into the client’s GIS system.

  • Total EIMA Distribution Automation projects to date: 38
  • Total EIMA Storm Hardening projects to date: 40
  • Total EIMA Mainline Cable projects to date: 38

(totals as of October 2013)