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  • Bachelor’s Enlisted Quarters
Bachelor’s Enlisted Quarters

The Bachelor’s Enlisted Quarters (BEQ) is a four-story building of approximately 70,000 square feet located on the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine. The building includes training, office, lounge, resident suites and recreational areas.

Primera provided Construction Documents (Drawings & Specifications) detailing all mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems. In addition, as a means of improving overall ventilation within the facility, a dedicated outside air system (DOAS) was provided. Ventilation air (outside air) was ducted directly into each room as the first stage of heating and cooling. Terminal fan coil units located within each space provided supplemental (second stage) heating and cooling. The separation of ventilation air and space conditioning allowed the user to directly control indoor air quality and quantity at all times. By managing the greatest source of moisture at the building directly, the DOAS allowed for stable humidity within the facility under wide variations in occupancy and outdoor conditions.

The application of this system resulted in greater building security (ductwork was reduced in size requiring fewer concentrated outside air intakes and air-handlers) and an overall reduction in building costs was realized.