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  • Utility Gas Operations Geographic Dashboard
Utility Gas Operations Geographic Dashboard

The Gas Operations Geographic Dashboard innovation project built and implemented a tool to track gas projects from initiation to as-built production via a geographical work tracking solution. Development of this tool reduced the time from field to map by providing the client’s operational work force with quality GIS information, a real-time project life cycle phase tracking tool to managers, and ultimately sourced accurate records for federal and state reporting.

Primera provided consulting services that included work process mapping, alignment, and gaps discovery. Primera utilized such information to develop a business case for innovative funding approvals to configure and build the technical solution utilizing current geographical tools and utility system of record applications. Primera worked with utility representatives in gas asset management and performance, information technology, geographic information systems, and application support to implement the tool. The team also worked with stakeholders throughout the development phases to confirm the flow of data needed for the dashboard provided the desired efficiencies to the client’s work processes.

Primera documented the business requirements to produce and utilize the comprehensive dashboard. Our process flows identified the required data fields from the system of record sources needed for the dashboard solution. Primera accessed such data and cleaned, aligned, and defined primary keys to map data to the phase of work dashboard fields. The dashboard solution was designed to be accessed via ESRI tools on a real-time basis.